MALTA Foundation is an NGO founded in 2003 in Poznań for the purpose of realising non-profit activities and projects related to art, culture and conservation of cultural and national heritage.

The foundation’s statutory goal is to promote culture and support the activities of creators of art and culture by:

  • giving rise to artistic activities, phenomena and events
  • supporting and promoting art projects, particularly theatre performances and films
  • helping creators to materialise their artistic concepts
  • promoting works of art and culture
  • social aid for creators of art and culture

MALTA’s activities are administrated by the Foundation’s Council, including: Karol Działoszyński (the head), Małgorzata Dziewulska, Tomasz Kwieciński and Piotr Voelkel.

The foundation’s director and one of its founders, as well as the initiator of the Malta Festival is Michał Merczyński.

Fundacja MALTA
address: ul. Ratajczaka 44, 61-728 Poznań

NIP/VAT: PL 778-14-06-165
REGON 634446340
KRS 0000150077


Two key events realised by the foundation are international festivals: Malta Festival Poznań (organised since 1991, initially called MALTA International Theatre Festival, and consequently renamed in 2010) , and Nostalgia Festival (organised since 2007). At the same time, the foundation also organised three editions of Tzadik Festival Poznań (until 2009) and collaborated on the realisation of three editions of International Dialogue of 4 Cultures Festival in Łódź.

MALTA Foundation’s team consists of both regular employees, and a network of partners and associates of Malta and Nostalgia Festivals; and of course, volunteers. The realisation of the foundation’s statutory activities would not be possible without their full engagement in the organisation’s mission.