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30.06 / 18:00






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Lia Dostlieva, Andrii Dostliev Black on Prussian Blue

The project is a reconstruction of a family album of a Wehrmacht soldier who served in the Luftwaffe during World War II. Western European countries are depicted by images of beautiful scenery and architectural monuments, whilst photographs from Eastern Europe show land stripped of any subjectivity. Is this the eye of an aggressor?  Or is it the photographer’s deliberate choice to avoid looking at violence? The project was selected from the No Title open call.

Pablo Ramírez González Chinampa Lab 

Chinampa Lab is a project that explores the potential of interaction and communication between plants, objects and humans, the boundaries of interspecies dialogue and radical empathy. The artist transforms biodata from plants into generative video and sound, creating an audio installation. He makes a reference to the ancient principle of the Mayans: ‘I am another you.’ The tropical plants relate to the history of colonialism and the industrial exploitation of nature in the global South. The project was selected from the No Title open call.

Other artists: Taras Gembik & Zoi Michailova, Maria Redko, Olena Siyatovska, Igor Shugaleev, Grupa Bergamot