Take part in the Générik Vapeur parade! / Inauguration of the Malta Festival Poznań 2022


The Générik Vapeur company is looking for 16 people to support the project that will open the Malta Festival. Take part in the Alors là ! Merci theatrical parade that will set off from pl. Kolegiacki and walk down Garbary street to the Old Slaughterhouse. Become a part of the ecstatic parade through the streets of Poznań!

The Générik Vapeur is a Marseille-based theatre company established in 1984 on the initiative of Cathy Avram (rock singer) and Pierre Berthelot (actor), consisting of a few dozen people with an artistic background. Ever since the beginning, the theatre company has been producing full-scale street performances blending together different forms of art (theatre, dance, music and video art), testing – with flair and perseverance – the patience of the citizens of European cities, their openness and resistance to laughter, noise, and provocation. Today, it is one of the most well-known street theatre in the world.

The group has been a frequent guest at our festival and first performed in Poznań in 1995 when they performed their BivouacAn Emotional Tour show inspired by the Tour de France. Years later we will be hosting the group one more time and on 27 June it will open this year’s edition of the festival with a festive parade on the streets of Poznań inviting the audience to participate in this joyous dancing celebration.

Alors là ! Merci is a new creation from a show created in 2019, performed with Gorilla Circus, a young British company. The show invites the audience to reflect on disasters and the condition of the contemporary world. Humans travelled across all continents, learned about new technologies, and underwent a transformation from the initial idea to anti-Utopia, but can they handle the struggles of daily life? Through choreography, sites, pyrotechnical elements, and live music, the company wants to draw the Poznań audience into a collective theatrical trance presenting to us its unique outlook on the world, which according to the artists is both ‘scary and desired’.

If you would like to become part of the performance, send us your application. 


Who are we looking for?

  • Healthy and physically strong people over the age of 16 (compulsory requirement);
  • Available on 25-27 June;
  • Open-minded and ready to perform before and among large groups of people.

Participation in the performance does not require the performance of complicated acrobatic routines. 

Please wear safe footwear e.g. protective shoes.

Availability schedule:

25 June (Saturday), 18:00-20:30

26 June (Sunday), 20:00-23:00 (rehearsals) 23:00-1:00 (final rehearsal)

Performance: 27 June (Monday) – meeting at 19:00 (entrance at 21:00)

How to apply?

Send your application to the email address: zapisy@malta-festival.pl by Tuesday, 21 June 2022.